Conscience phonologique

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In this review, we re-assess the evidence that phonological awareness represents a skill specific to spoken language that precedes and directly influences the process of reading acquisition. Longitudinal and experimental training studies are examined in detail, as these are considered most appropriate for exploring a causal hypothesis of this nature. A particular focus of our analysis is the degree to which studies to date have controlled for existing literacy skills in their participants and the influence that these skills might have on performance on phonological awareness tasks. We conclude that no study has provided unequivocal evidence that there is a causal link from competence in phonological awareness to success in reading and spelling acquisition. However, we believe that such a study is possible and outline some ideas for its design and implementation.

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Overview. The results of the two cross-linguistic studies reported here show a complex and changing pattern of phonological sensitivity between the ages of 4 and 7 years. The results are more compatible with Gombert’s (1992) flexible system of shifts from implicit to explicit awareness according to the external demands placed upon the child than with a universal large-to-small progression in phonological development. The discussion focuses on the two key questions linking phonological development and reading acquisition that were identified in the Introduction: (1) the availability of phonology at the outset of learning to read; and (2) the subsequent effects of orthography and instruction in shaping further phonological development.

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